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The Basics of Sugar Scrubs

Recently I’ve been a bit obsessed with DIY sugar scrubs,shampoos,soaps and things like that, and I thought that I could help out the people who might need some help making those things, so I put this together…

How to Make Sugar Scrubs

Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe:


there are three types of sugar you can use like; White, Brown,or/and Raw sugar

You can also use different types of oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or grapeseed oil

And if you want your sugar scrub to smell good or have health benefits you can add things like Vitamin E oil, Honey, Essential oils, Vanilla, and/or spices


Mix your ingredients together and put in a jar/bag/box/bowl etc

Notes*  you can make a bath salt very easily by just not adding oil and using Epsone salt instead of sugar.

Enjoy!!And if you would like some sugar or salt scrub recipes go to my “Sugar/Salt Scrub Recipes” post


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