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Plaster Masks

Today I made a plaster mask! It’s a very fun thing to do and you can mess around and make some crazy things, for example my friend made a Unicorn mask and it turned out great!!

     For this project you’ll need…
-A partner
-Bandage plaster (see the picture below)
-A large bowl of lukewarm water
Vaseline (you could substitute that for a oil I used Coconut Oil)
-Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
-Something to lay on (that you don’t mind getting dirty )
First you need to know what kind of mask you will be making.Then wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting plaster on spread out (or not) what you are laying on (you could just use he floor). Now you will need your partner to put the Vaseline ALL OVER YOUR FACE!! Yes I’m sorry you have to put it on your face, then lay down and let your  partner dip the bandage plaster strips into the lukewarm water and put them on your face.The last step is to let the mask dry for 15 20 minutes! Now that the mask is mostly dry CAUTIOUSLY peel it off your face and let it dry overnight then you can paint it and add to it then

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